A shared Nordic effort

A shared Nordic effort

Client: MSD Nordics Our role: Purpose and core narrative, concept, design, brand identity

For healthcare company MSD, ‘Inventing for life’ is the global mission statement. This, in many ways encapsules everything the company does, i.e. develop and deliver vaccines and medicine that save and improve lives.

In the Nordics, however, no actual research or production takes place, and a way of anchoring the corporate mission with employees, health professionals and governing authorities in the Nordics was needed.

This was done by exploring and exposing how the accomplishments of the Nordic organization actually supported the global mission through efficient clinical testing, agile working methodologies and a digital transformation of sales and marketing activities. By acceleration commercial innovation, MSD Nordics has helped reduce lead times, thereby bringing medicine to the people who need it faster. An accomplishment everyone can relate to – and want to be part of.

The revised Nordic core narrative, ‘The Nordic Effort’, was unfolded in various communications materials including a full Nordic visual identity.