Experience the Alpeffect

Experience the Alpeffect

Client: SkiGroup / Alpeffect Hotels Our role: Rebranding, Naming, Logodesign, Visual Identity, Brand manifest, Merchandise design, Webdesign

As a part of SkiGroup’s growth strategy, they ask us to help them make a complete rebranding of their hotel brand in the Austrian alps – this included a new name, visual identity, brand manifest, purpose and storytelling, tone-of-voice, design of merchandise, and hotel interior, webdesign and everything in between.

Beforehand every individual hotel operated under its own identity so the first task at hand was to find a name that could capture the common sensation of staying at one of the hotels – despite the hotels architecturally being very different. And even more important, we wanted to create a name that would embrace the unique feeling every visitor experiences and the physical and mental effect the alps can have on people visiting. And so arose the new hotel brand name: Alpeffect Hotels.

The name expresses the mission of creating memorable moments that stays with the hotel guests long after the stay is over. What stays with you, when you stay with us.

Brand manifesto

As you follow the paths leading up to the Alps, something quite unique awaits you.
The magnificent view of sky-high mountains captures your eyes.
The sound of silence calms your ears.
The crisp and clean air circulates in your body.
And for a moment, your breath is taken away,
but you’re left with a smile. It activates you, and you come alive.
That’s the outstanding effect the alps have on us.
And that’s just a part of what you and your loved ones are enriched by
when staying at one of our local hotels.
Uniquely located in the range of mountains, we give you a range of local experiences.
From comfortable beds in cozy rooms, keeping you well-rested, and ready for a new day.
To foaming beers and warm meals, or a relaxing time off in the spa, when you return.
And all the adventures in-between. Whether it may be winter or summer.

All of this is
what stays with you when you stay with us.

Alpeffect Hotels