History redesigned

History redesigned

Client: Krenkerup Bryggeri Our role: Packaging design, Webshop design, and implementation

Krenkerup Brewery is part of the family-run Krenkerup Estate founded back in 1367. The history and legacy of these ancestors are honored and kept alive through the Worldclass beer that today is brewed and bottled on the estate. But history is also what we do today. And to stand the test of time, even the strongest and proudest brands need to develop over time.

With a deep respect for history and in close dialogue with the owner family we created a new packaging design, that would give Krenkerup a more distinct look reflecting a premium brand position and allowing for plenty of storytelling.

All design elements and how they combine were changed: Colors, fonts, illustrations… Even the family coat of arms was carefully updated to a more modern version.

It’s no longer just the taste, that makes Krenkerup beer stand out. The design now adds to that.

We’ll toast to that. Cheers!

As part of the revised packaging design, it was decided to give the webshop a design makeover, as well as this online sales channel, was of particular importance during the Covid-19 pandemic. The new design guidelines were applied to the webshop and all content was rearranged based on a new UX-design strategy focused on optimizing the user journey.

The results in terms of increased traffic and conversion rate were as impressive as the award-winning beer itself.