“Selling houses through Instagram”

“Selling houses through Instagram”

Client: Lokalbolig Our role: Social Media Strategy, Creative Concept, Branding, Workshops & Education

“How about converting all of your sales of real estate and client management to only go through Instagram’s platform?”. That was the crazy notion we approached Lokalbolig Valby with and fortunately, they loved the idea.

By creating a social media strategy and a creative concept for the four branches of Lokalbolig in Copenhagen we managed within a year to make Instagram Lokalbolig’s no. 1 marketing and sales platform and to convert the majority of almost all client contact of Lokalbolig Valby to go exclusively through Instagram’s platform instead of spending hours upon hours on answering emails and phone calls.

The strategy was simple: Create profiles that are relevant to everyone in the local community – not just people who are actively in the market for buying and selling real estate.

Instead of traditional marketing initiatives like flyers and newspaper ads, Lokalbolig is now able to document and track campaign results through Instagram’s analytics tool and build campaigns based on data on the targeted audience.

The campaign for the two brands delivered the best autumn sales our group had ever achieved!

“It can be a jungle to find your way around what to do and who to choose when you want to create a direction and a product that is ‘more than a real estate agent’ - but Sylvester Hvid has helped us to the highest degree with that.

Both right down to everyday advice about our actions on social media, but also through involvement and development of content on our profile. In the last two years, we have, among other things, written a book, colored with chalk on residential roads, and QR-coded our for-sale signs. It has greatly strengthened my personal and business brand.

But the biggest and most important factor behind a good collaboration and my clear recommendation is the people behind Sylvester Hvid. The positive energy, optimism, and availability we have been met by regardless of who we have spoken to have been absolutely decisive for our cooperation.

The ability to be an expert, but at the same time be able to convey it so that we understand it, is a rare combination. The genuine human interest there has been in making us succeed has really given us motivation and persistence in our project - and that is hugely admirable.

I can only give my warmest recommendation to Camille and the entire team behind Sylvester Hvid. It’s fantastic people who are absurdly good at what they do!”

Kian Janus Jensen
Owner, LokalBolig Valby

This innovative approach of using Instagram as a sales platform gained a lot of attention and made the cover of Markedsforing.dk - you can read the article here.