We have waited long enough

We have waited long enough

Client: Skigroup / Højmark Rejser / Lion Alpin Our role: Campaign Strategy, Creative Concept, Graphic Design, Media strategy & buying

In the summer of 2021, most travels in general – and ski trips to Austria in particular – had been canceled for two years due to covid-19. SkiGroup, and its’ two travel agency brands Højmark Rejser (in Denmark) and Lion Alpin (in Sweden), therefore had to go all in to secure this year’s sales of ski holidays. The pressured market situation had to be used for a strategic investment, which would leave Ski Group and its brands in an even stronger market position in the post-pandemic period.

Naturally, the main task was to create direct sales and the task was clear: There is no reason to talk about branding and positioning if we do not simultaneously manage to sell some skiing trips ‘here and now’. Our assignment was therefore to restore and induce the desire to go on a ski holiday again.

Secondly, Ski Group wanted to use the opportunity to improve brand perception. Simply to remind those who already knew Højmark Rejser/Lion Alpin that they can now go skiing again. But also to give those who were not familiar with Højmark Rejser/Lion Alpin the desire to travel with us.

We developed two creative tracks for this: A film universe for digital/social media and television commercials. And a creative approach based on the context where we tapped into the concrete situation the recipient was in when exposed to the ad, for example, while waiting for a bus, train, or reading a newspaper.

The strategy was partly to achieve broad coverage through exposure in broad media, and partly to achieve greater visibility in the larger cities through a specific focus on these areas.


In the group’s history

The campaign for the two brands delivered the best autumn sales our group had ever achieved!

The collaboration, the media selection, and the creative touch that Sylvester Hvid & Co. delivered were outstanding. We had indents that took on an extra life virally. Something we had never tried before.

We had unheard-of flexibility in material production when we purchased advertising and placements as Last Minute Deals.

The greatest recommendation from here.

Jesper Merrild
Group Marketing Manager SkiGroup A/S


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