Where have we been?

1st creative agency in Denmark

Founded in 1899, we’ve been around the block a couple of times. And we’d like to go another round with you. We’ve survived over 120 years of recessions, booms and bubbles, because we understand the basic nature of how people feel, think, interact and react.

We believe the only constant in life is change and after all these years, that's why we stay relevant.

If you want to explore our milestones throughout the last 120 years, here’s:

The story of Sylvester Hvid
Ole Sylvester-Hvid and journalist Ole Geor, 1962
Ole Sylvester-Hvid and journalist Ole Geor, 1962

Our work

AAA Gold rating

Over the years we’ve collected a number of awards and recognitions for our work. We appreciate the honors, but creativity is really not a competition. So, the one recognition we’re particularly proud of is our AAA Gold credit rating, indicating 10 subsequent years of straight AAA ratings for our financial performance – a proof that creativity is good for business.

Creative communities

We believe in cooperation and sharing, and we work with a number of trusted partners home and abroad. We’re always looking for developers, illustrators, animation artists, producers and creative misfits who can up our game and inspire us to do even better. If you’re awesome, feel free to reach out.

Best Buy Broker is our in-house full-service graphic production agency. They provide print experiences that bring brands to life.

We’re a member of the Danish trade organization for the creative industry Kreativitet & Kommunikation, thereby complying with certain work ethics and standards.


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