Bringing out the best

Bringing out the best

Client: Air Greenland Our role: Concept Development, Photography & Art Direction

In many ways, Air Greenland ties together the Greenlandic society. Alternatives to air transports are often very difficult or non-existing. Therefore, both Businesses and private travelers in Greenland are deeply dependent on the country's national airline. That is why Air Greenland is an obvious target for passengers' frustrations when weather conditions make air transportation impossible - and thus stop the passengers from reaching their destination.

Well-deserved or not. Over time, these frustrations put the Air Greenland brand under pressure. We developed a whole range of communicative initiatives that serve to rebuild the Greenlanders' trust in one of the historically strongest brands in Greenland.

The creative copy "We are bringing out the best", the communication builds on the story that Air Greenland brings together all Greenland. A range of authentic stories brings down the big story to the local communities and reminds us that daily life in Greenland would be very different without Air Greenland.

An important element in the overall initiative was the celebration of the airline's 50th anniversary. With events in all airports, Open House arrangements in the hangars, photo competitions, and several other activities, the ground was prepared for a folk festival underlining the fact that Air Greenland is all Greenland's airline.