Client: ERP Denmark Our role: Concept, Identity, Campaign Website, Campaign Material, Coordination, Distribution, Social

ERP Denmark asked for help to spread the message about recycling batteries to the entire Danish country. But how do you make stubborn adults change their habits? You affect them through their biggest influencers - their children.

Our suggestion for a solution was a nationwide collection campaign of batteries for Danish public schools / private schools, where the students compete to win a concert with the YouTubers 'Mika & Tobias'.

The concept of "GENANVENNER" is based on a new song by Mika & Tobias, which puts sustainability and recycling on the agenda.

views on YouTube
Genanvenner collage

15000 participating students

The campaign right now has over 15,000 participating students from more or less all parts of Denmark, and the song "GENANVENNER" has been viewed over 200,000 times on YouTube.

Mika & Tobias recycles batteries
Collected batteries

47000 kg batteries recycled

The campaign runs throughout March 2020, where we hope to change the behavior of both school students and parents.