Our Passion is Felt

Our Passion is Felt

Client: Glerups Our role: Concept & Design

25 years ago Nanny Glerup founded Glerups. Initially as a hobby project supplying family and friends with comfortable felted boots made from her own Gotland sheep. Later the vision changed into manufacturing the Worlds’ best wool slippers and expanding the business worldwide.

To continue the story of the family-run company across all platforms and activities, we maintained a strong focus on transforming the unique story of the company and the dedication to craftsmanship into a close almost family-like relationship with both retailers and customers across the World who wants nothing but the best for their feet.

Several international media have declared Glerups the most comfortable slippers and both the company’s gross revenue and income has doubled during our cooperation.

From storytelling and brand building to packaging design, in-store materials, consumer campaigns, retailer campaigns and social media activities, the vision of Nanny Glerup has indeed been fulfilled.